Friday, August 14, 2020

Grilled salmon

Ken found some salmon on sale at the supermarket earlier this week. They were narrow slices out of a side of salmon. I marinated them with white wine and dill and grilled them à l'unilatéral, the French way of saying that it's cooked on the skin side only, without turning, a popular way of cooking fish.

Grilled salmon.

We ate the salmon with grilled zucchini and some left over pois chiches (chickpeas). It was all very good, and the fish was a nice change. We haven't been eating a lot of fish lately.

Thursday's weather was quite a relief. The heat broke and we spent the day under clouds and light rain at about 21ºC (about 70ºF). The humidity was high, but bearable because of the cooler temperature. It's supposed to be warmer today, but not by much.


  1. That salmon looks delicious and the presentation is perfect.

  2. Wow, what a huge temperature difference!

  3. The salmon looks delicious and what a beautiful serving plate!

    1. Does this plate match/go with the plate that the head cheese was served on? They’re both beautiful.

  4. Salmon for dinner! Yum-yum! Grilled is my favorite way to cook salmon. L'unilatéral - ok! Now, I know a new term and I will definitely be sharing that today in my french class! I've never seen salmon for sale like that before - another new little grey cell! Merci, Hercule!

  5. The salmon looks very good. I, too, have been using chickpeas this week, and wonder if they can be grilled or toasted -- seems to me they'd be a nice crunchy in salads or as snacks.

  6. where does your salmon come from? Norway? Alaska? Farmed?

  7. I LOVE GRILLED SALMON! I usually marinate it in teriyake or sesame/ginger sauce. spouse puts chickpeas in his salads.


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