Sunday, August 09, 2020

Too soon!

As we enter the second week of August, I'm already seeing signs of autumn. Here and there some of the grape leaves are turning color -- even before the grapes do. It happens every year, so I'm not alarmed or surprised. It's just one of nature's little reminders.

Turning leaves.

The heat is hot. Our lawn, and everyone else's, is burned brown. This is becoming a summer norm, not at all what we expected when we moved to France seventeen years ago. Summer heat waves and drought. Mild winters with few to no freezes.

And now, spam. Over the past few weeks I've been inundated with spam comments on the blog. It's getting up to twenty or thirty spam comments each day. The "Unknown" author (most likely a bot) targets older posts, and since I have comment moderation turned on for posts more than two weeks old, it's quick work to delete the comments without publishing them. Blogger doesn't remember that these messages are spam since the author is "Unknown" so they just keep piling up.


  1. I turned on moderation to 3 days after a post. It has caught a lot.

  2. Sorry about the spam. I get political spam emails galore every day too. Faut faire avec!

    1. What does faut faire avec mean? Thanks.

      Auto correct tried to change faut to Fauci. That must mean Dr Fauci is now officially famous. :)

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. BettyAnn, Faut faire avec is popular (slangy!) French meaning you have to live with it.

    4. P.S. I disabled autocorrect in French as in English. It makes more mistakes than i do!

    5. PP.SS - It could also mean, make do or make the best of it...

  3. Since the switch to the new blogger interface?

  4. We've had the AC on somewhere in the apartment every day and night since the start of July. We've never done that before. High fire warnings are posted on the highways. Can we please have rainy season? I won't comment on the spam so I don't jinx myself... although I'm not at all superstitious. Poo poo poo!

  5. Here in Virginia, we've had a hot humid summer (which is par for the course) but we've had a lot of rain as well. Humid weather is not my favorite weather. Luckily on my blog I don't have spam (yet) and I hope I never will.

  6. I don't have a blog but I had noticed your spam a few times recently.
    I pray some organization will protect our elections; this weekend especially the news media was saying Russia, Iran and China were the culprits hacking into the social media with dissinformation.

    I figured you would be wise and not overdo it with that huge mound of mulch, Walt.

    Hot here too, but we have been having lots of wind so that has helped a lot. News on the wine growers in France has not been good. USA tariffs as well as the weather were the reasons given. I saw an interview with one vintner who was finally agreeing to send off his wine to the distillers for sanitizer. UGH, again.

  7. I remember going to Canada every late August and seeing sights of maple trees just beginning to turn color like this.
    It heralds the end of summer.

  8. andrew, if this gets worse, I may have to do that.

    chm, the ones I'm getting are more of the "racy" variety.

    judy, no, it's been happening since before that. :(

    mitch, yuck!

    michael, I used to live in DC, so I know about that humidity. We had it in upstate NY as well, just not as bad or for as long.

    mary, some say that this kind of weather is good for quality, but not quantity, as long as grapes don't get burned on the vine or destroyed by hail.

    michael, it sure does!


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