Monday, August 10, 2020

Compare and contrast

Here's the difference between the deep-rooted grape vines and the shallow-rooted grasses this time of year.

 The grass closest to the vines gets mowed for access, the rest stays wild.

Sunday was a hot one and I had a difficult time sleeping last night. It didn't help that both animules decided to sleep on the bed. Eventually they went down to the floor where it's cooler. I wish I had. Around 23h30 there was a lightning show off to our east, but the storm was too far away to hear the thunder. We're expecting another hot one today before things start slowly cooling down.


  1. Glad the heat wave will be gone soon. I wish we could say the same about covid.

  2. Wishing you cool, comfortable nights soon. We've had higher summer temperatures since living here but never coupled with high humidity for so many weeks. I'm tired of it and of running the AC all the time.

  3. Hot nights with poor sleep are no fun. Is it possible to arrange someway to sleep on the lowest level of your house, temporarily?

  4. evelyn, you can say that again.

    mitch, stay hydrated!

    bettyann, sure, but it's too much trouble. I'm lazy.

    judy, :)


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