Sunday, August 02, 2020

Pumpkin progress [2]

As promised, here's a peek at the muscade pumpkins in the garden. They're still green, but when mature they should turn a tan color similar to a butternut squash. Some of them will likely be two-toned. I've grown them before, so I know that's likely.

Two muscade pumpkins growing under the vine leaves. There are at least five of them out there.

Today should be much cooler than it has been the past few days. August vacationers have arrived in our region and we're seeing several unfamiliar faces walking through our neighborhood. Someone down in the valley to our north shot off a bunch of fireworks around one this morning, and their thumping music can still be heard now (06h00). With our fan going, we can't hear the music in the bedroom, thankfully. And an RV spent the night out in the vineyard. Nothing annoying about that, but I'm not sure it's legal. It's private land, after all.


  1. I am happy to see that your plantation is visited by many tourists who want to see pumpkin trees.
    Back in my great-grandmother's house, I also planted a conjoined pumpkin tree and was very happy to see the fruit grow so big.

    Have a nice day.
    Greetings from Indonesia.

  2. We've been hit with high heat (and warnings) this weekend. Even here on the beach where it's not as severe it was 42C yesterday evening. Today already feels oppressive with currently no breeze. I've never grown pumpkins. Love seeing their progress... especially these of a different color.

  3. Great looking pumpkin and the leaves are so pretty!

    Our ‘feels like’ temperature yesterday was 108. Now we’re waiting for the hurricane but it shouldn’t be too bad.

  4. I responded to your comment on yesterday's post and remarked about today's there!

  5. I remember growing pumpkins they took over the yard to the dismay of Father.

  6. himawan, thanks for the comment!

    mitch, we haven't hit the 40s yet this year. It's rare here, thank goodness.

    bettyann, looks like it's headed for the Carolinas, but at tropical storm level.

    mary, ok!

    michael, they do like to run!


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