Saturday, August 01, 2020

Pumpkin progress

There are two surviving rouge vif d'Etampes pumpkins in the garden. The others just rotted away. I'm not sure why, maybe the heat. But these two look healthy, so far. If I'm lucky, they'll both make it to harvest by which time they'll go from orange to bright red. I'll keep you posted.

Two good sized and healthy looking pumpkins.

The muscade pumpkins are faring better. There are about five large ones on the vine. I'll post a photo of those tomorrow.

We made it through our mini heat wave. It's supposed to get hot again today, but less. And we didn't get as high as was predicted yesterday, topping out somewhere in the low to mid thirties. Still, getting to sleep was not easy. This morning's cool air feels very nice.


  1. A couple of good looking pilgrims there! I’ve read that if a board is placed under the pumpkin so it doesn’t sit on the ground it will be less likely to rot. But, I’ve never grown pumpkins.

  2. My parents also put wood planks under their large squash which really made a difference.

    Our heat wave has passed and mid-80's sound cool! I only opened my bedroom window halfway through the night, otherwise there was too much cool breezes coming in.

  3. The pumpkins look like beauties. I hope they don't disappoint.

  4. bettyann, I tried that once and ended up snapping the pumpkin's stem. The rotting pumpkins were not rotting from being on the ground, though. I don't know what caused it.

    judy, you bet!

    mary, I should have done it earlier, but now I'm afraid to.

    mitch, me too!

  5. Yes, Walt. That is similar to the problems I had frequently with large tomatoes. They were always in wire cages but I wasn't as frequent as I should have been in teasing the stems inside the hoop for support. Not a big problem, but when I have a garden again I will be a more diligent gardener.

    Too bad about those revelers. It is hard enough for me to sleep some nights and with the high heat it is even worse, but loud noises at obnoxious hours would be unbearable for me. RVs in the vineyard! Now that is a creative parking space - I hope they stayed on the road...

  6. mary, I'm having a problem with blossom end rot this year. Ugh! It's too dry, I think, even with my daily watering.


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