Monday, August 24, 2020

Dramatic skies

This was the sky last Thursday morning as the sun rose behind a layer of long cloud formations.

"Clouds. Lots of them. Light and puffy. You know, clouds." --Louie DePalma

We had a pleasant day weather-wise on Sunday. I got the parts of the yard mowed as I planned and it looks much better. Today I'll finish the west 40 (where the apple trees are) and maybe the north 40, although I might leave that for Tuesday. Still no progress on the mulch pile. But my philosophy these days is "One thing per day." If I accomplish one thing each day, I don't feel like a lazy lout.


  1. Wonderful sky thank you for sharing. Gives a boost to the day.

  2. LOVE that photo! and one accomplishment per day is enough.

  3. That sky photo (and the sky itself) is spectacular! Thanks for the encouragement; I put so much pressure on myself to accomplish a whole list of things every day. ONE thing is enough if that's the way you're feeling. (Does getting out of bed count?)

  4. As long as one thing is accomplished, then it is a good day! The sky is beautiful!

  5. You have given me a fantastic sky to think about! Just what I needed! (I've already done my one thing today: I tightened the screws in my exterior stairs!)


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