Friday, August 07, 2020

Mulch and the garden path

On Thursday, our next door neighbor had contractors in to remove two very tall pine trees that grew very close to her house. She's been planning to do this for a few years. In fact, we thought she had changed her mind because nothing happened after she told us about it. I think her contractor flaked out on her and because she lives in Paris, making alternate arrangements can be difficult.

 The pile of mulch in front of the garden shed.

Earlier this week, a landscaper came through the hamlet leaving his business cards to drum up business. Our neighbor was here, spending a week or so of vacation. She obviously hired him and he and his crew spent Thursday morning taking down the trees. Part of the process is the mulching of the smaller branches and foliage. The contractor rang our bell late in the morning and asked if we wanted some free mulch. I agreed and got a load of about two cubic meters dumped inside our back gate. It's really more than we can use, so a lot of it will be composted.

The contractor's card says that he does gravel allées (paths), so while he was here I asked if he'd give me an estimate for renovating our garden path and he agreed. We've been talking about getting the gravel path redone for a few years now. It's uneven, the gravel is too big and too sparse, and the path is regularly invaded by weeds. The contractor said he could remove the big gravel, level the pathway, put down a base layer for stabilization, add a weed barrier and then a layer of fine gravel that will be much more pleasant to walk on. I'm looking forward to his estimate.



  1. That looks like more than two cubic metres to me, Walt. More like the heaps we get on the farm!

  2. I love mulch! Our house in North Carolina was on 3/4 of an acre and I got many large dump truck loads of mulch over the years we lived there. You were lucky to get that big load!

  3. Oh boy! I can't wait to see the new path, whenever that happens!

  4. How great. I always enjoy improvements. That mulch was a nice gift.

  5. When I saw your photo, I thought it must be from the neighbors! Win-Win!!!

  6. pats, I suspect you're right. Uh-oh.

    bettyann, now... what to do with it all.

    judy, we'll see!

    mitch, we have several projects in the works. Just waiting for contractors to reply, which is not easy in August.

    mary, :)


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