Sunday, August 27, 2023

Amber waves of grain

Tasha has a grooming appointment in mid-October. The woman who operates a toilettage à domicile (pet grooming at your home) business is booked solid until then. She must be doing well. Her grooming salon on wheels is a converted RV. I really liked the way she did Tasha the last time, so I'm willing to wait. Tasha will be all prettied up for fall. Right now, her the fur around her paws is so thick that she looks like a Clydesdale.

Wheat field, July 2013.

The last time, by the way, was nearly a year ago. Yikes!


  1. As long as Tasha doesn’t sound like a Clydesdale... Brilliant photo!

  2. Clydedales have lovely fetters, but I expect Tasha will enjoy her spa day when it comes.

  3. My husband does a daily bike ride that takes him on a trail that goes by Grant's Farm (the land that has the home where President Ulysses S Grant lived). Most all of the farm part has been owned since 1903 by Anheuser-Busch, so that's where their Clydesdales live. Elliot usually stops to "talk" to them, as they graze out on the other side of the fence. So, whenever you mention Tasha looking like a Clydesdale, that's where I imagine her running around--ha!

  4. It's always nice to get a haircut! Beautiful photo too. -- Chrissoup

  5. I haven’t seen a wheat field in ages, thank you! Perhaps you could make Tasha’s next appointment when the groomer is there in October.

  6. oh how lovely! and something to look forward to!

  7. mitch, I keep looking for the beer...

    evelyn, she actually did well the first time. She likes the groomer, I guess. The previous groomer had some trouble with her snapping while being brushed out, but not this one.

    judy, she'd have a ball... running away from the horses!

    chris, that thick undercoat of hers just has to go!

    bettyann, I should do the same for myself!

    michael, I'll be happy when she's clean again. Long-haired dogs are a lot of work, and I'm not good at doing it. :)

  8. I must keep forgetting to click "publish". My comment was how much I enjoyed this photo because of the lighting which kept my eyes darting around the wheat stalks.


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