Monday, August 07, 2023

Up up and away

See that little dark speck in the sky just to the right of center in the photo? That's a hot-air balloon. It's to the north and west of our house. We used to see a lot of them here, flying over the vineyards and very close to our house. One year, a balloon actually landed in the vineyard out back. Since the pandemic, however, balloons over us are rare. The ones that I see are, like this one, far away.

A hot-air balloon in the distance. Sometimes I see two in the same area.

It's 12ºC this morning, about 54ºF. That's certainly cold for August. Ken's walking Tasha this morning, so he'll have to bundle up. The forecast for mid week is still for more summery temperatures. We'll see.

I didn't have a zoom lens on the camera, so I zoomed in with software.


  1. I find hot air balloons magical. But any time I get close to considering a ride, I read some disaster story in the news.

  2. Good zoom. I rode once and liked the view but it was so LOUD.

  3. No balloon trips for me! Too much I can't control... And thanks to Evelyn, I don't like loud noises so balloons are O U T for me!

  4. Callie used to go nuts when the balloons came overhead, didn't she? Awww, sweet Callie.

  5. mitch, I would have done it (but I haven't) when I was younger but, as I age, things get more scary.

    evelyn, I assume you're talking about the gas burner... ;)

    mary, I don't blame you!

    judy, yes, she did. So far, Tasha hasn't encountered one up close, but I would bet that she'd behave the same way Callie did.

  6. Have you braved a balloon trip, Walt?


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