Sunday, August 13, 2023

Cloud parade

Some interesting clouds over the vineyard at sunrise a few mornings ago.

A Rorschach test in the sky.

The weather people don't seem to agree on the forecast. We may have showers today, we may not.


  1. Wow! Magnificent sky and photo!
    It is the charge of the cavalry in the battle of X….
    On dirait un champ de choux!

  2. Stunning! We haven't had clouds lately. Just overcast that burns off. It doesn't make for interesting skies.

  3. I like seeing the lushness of the vines as well as the colorful sky.

  4. Beautiful clouds! Seattle has been having glorious blue skies and puffy white clouds for a couple of weeks with no end in sight. I’ll take it, along with the temperatures in the high 70’s.

  5. To quote a song I rolled my eyes at when I was a boy: "Mercy sake's alive, looks like we got us a convoy."

  6. Perhaps you should consult your local Whether Man. For it is far more important to know whether or not you will have any weather than the type of weather. I suppose this isn't as funny in French.

  7. Something happened to my comment...maybe "I" forgot to hit publish! Anyway, I was enthralled with parade I envisioned when looking at the clouds and "saw" a turkey leading the parade!


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