Sunday, August 06, 2023

Weeds and wildflowers

Baby, it's cold outside. Not the bone-chilling cold of winter, but an unseasonable chill is definitely in the air. A stiff northwest wind makes it feel even colder. I wear three layers for the morning walks. The afternoon walks only require two layers. The weather gurus say we should return to more summery weather by mid-week. That will feel good.

Little daisies and tall grasses among the grape vines.

I harvested a bucketful of tomatoes a few days ago and, in addition to a tomato salad or two, I made sauce for the freezer. We now have seven 750ml containers (about 5.5 US quarts) of sauce put away for fall and winter.


  1. We apparently got some “cool air from France” for the start of the weekend. Temps in the mid-70s to high-80s.

  2. I bet your tomato sauce is delicious, especially in the wintertime.

  3. It is not believable there is any place on earth where it is chilly
    I am mad-jealous about the toms/sauce !

  4. mitch, cool. ;)

    evelyn, tastes like summer!

    michael, I can't imagine how hot it is in PHX!


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