Tuesday, August 15, 2023

Outside the garden gate

When I cut the grass in our yard, I also cut a strip along the outside of the hedges. Most of it lies along our road, but I also cut this part along the tractor path just to the west, between our yard and the vineyard. It looks neater this way than wild.

The town cuts the grass on this tractor path a couple of times a year. I cut a smaller strip more often.

I made another batch of tomato sauce yesterday, using up a good portion of our latest harvest. Today's challenge is to get it into the freezer. It's getting pretty crowded in there.


  1. I like the trimmed strip outside the hedge.

  2. Is there anything like too many tomatoes and too much goodness?

  3. It does look nice and neat, and that hedge is just so nice :)

  4. My dad did the same thing- he cut a strip next to his fence to give his area a nicer look. My mom thought it was extra work.

  5. Well I think the mowing gives a lovely sense of perspective. And I'm looking at our tomatoes...also heading for the freezer. Just delicious in the winter! Pats.

  6. mitch, :)

    chm, maybe not, but we'll need to find a place for them. ;)

    judy, that hedge is about half as tall as it was when we moved in.

    evelyn, it is extra work, but I don't mind.

    pats, for sure!


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