Friday, August 25, 2023

Stormy weather

The heat wave broke yesterday with the arrival of thunderstorms. It was around mid-day. The wind picked up, the sky darkened, then the lightning and thunder did their thing. It was so dark outside that we had to turn lights on in the house. I took this photo just before 14h00 (2:00 pm). Unfortunately, the light outside looks pretty normal in the photo but, trust me, it was dark.

Just after lunch on Thursday.

When the storms moved on, the temperature had dropped to a much cooler, and more comfortable, level. Then last night around midnight, we had another round with more lightning, thunder, and rain. The storm spooked Tasha and she jumped up onto the bed. It lasted for an hour or so before subsiding. I fell asleep. Tasha was still on the bed when I woke up around 05h00. All is calm and cool and no storms are predicted for us today.


  1. The lighting for the photo is wonderful. So is Tasha.

  2. Glad your weather improved. Our heat wave is here until Monday I believe and it is miserable.

  3. Our pets know we will keep them safe when something strange is happening. :-)


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