Tuesday, August 08, 2023

Tasha Tuesday

Tasha likes to hang out on the deck as long as the sliding doors are open. She doesn't like being cut off from her "pack," i.e. me and Ken. She also likes to be able to come in and go out as she likes. If it's too cold to have the doors open, she settles for sitting just inside so she can watch what goes on outside. People, cars, dogs, birds, anything that moves, she surveils it all.

Taken with the Pixel 6. It distorts wide angle shots, either that or I have yet to learn how to take them correctly. Those deck tiles are square.

Our re-warming trend starts today, according to the weather folks. The morning is still chilly, but today's high is expected to hit 26ºC, tomorrow 28ºC, and into the 30s by the weekend. I hope they're right.


  1. If the deck tiles are square, is Tasha square-ish as well?

  2. Tasha, as always, completes the picture perfectly.

  3. A beautiful, peaceful view. Our cats are like Tasha, except that they try to sit in the open doorway so we can’t close it.

  4. Dear old Bertie is missing sleeping in one of those chairs.

  5. Our one year old cat, Sunny doesn't go out but constantly patrols the windows and doors, very aware of what's going on outside.

  6. Does Tasha like to rest behind the chairs/table legs so she is somewhat hidden from "anything that moves"?

  7. anon, no, she's quite hip.

    raybeard, :)

    mitch, those wily felines!

    chm, he did enjoy that.

    evelyn, cats have a reputation for being curious!

    mary, I wonder. She does often sit out by the railing with her head resting on the bottom rail between the uprights.


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