Thursday, August 31, 2023

Railroad bridge

With the château at my back, I'm looking up the Loire River in this shot. An interesting looking railroad bridge crosses the valley not far away. The dome you can see on the right is the Chapelle Notre-Dame-des-Ardilliers de Saumur.

Looking easterly up the Loire Valley at Saumur. July 2006.

I hate to keep harping on the weather. Well, I guess I don't, really. Our mornings are quite chilly, very fall-like. And this past week, the days have not warmed up much. We're wearing cold weather clothes in the house. But there's hope for this end of summer. The forecast is for more summer-like weather as we get into the weekend. That's good for me. There's grass to be mowed and firewood (those downed birch branches) to cut up.


  1. A great view. So strange to see avvast expanse of bare dirt there (if that’s what it is). Still hot here but not quite so.

  2. It would have been neat to see a train speeding across that bridge.

  3. mitch, it's sand. The river has a lot of sandbars.

    evelyn, yes, it would have!


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