Monday, August 28, 2023

Moon stricken

The phone is so good at taking pictures in low light that it can make a shot snapped at dusk look like it was taken mid-day. This was about 21h00 (9:00 pm) last night. The sun had set about fifteen minutes earlier, but the photo makes it look like the sun was still up.

The moon will be full on Thursday.

So this image doesn't look exactly like what I saw from the deck last night. I tried to adjust the light and colors with software. Still, the thinly veiled moon and the neighbors' yard looked much more eerie in person.


  1. Nice perspective that we don't usually see, too.

  2. I saw that same moon around nine from my front porch- I should have snapped a photo.

  3. When I am out amongst a lot of trees (especially at night - but that hasn't happened for me very often!), it is easy for me to imagine all kinds of weird things that could be hiding out there! I used EERIE in wordle the other day to determine where the "E" was going to be placed! It worked, too.

  4. mitch, spooky!

    judy, it is a nice view. The neighbors work a lot to keep it tidy.

    evelyn, yes!

    mary, when I go outside at night, I can hear critters rustling in the bushes. Or are they aliens from out space up to no good?


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