Saturday, August 12, 2023

Tomatoes again?

It's that time of year. Along with zucchini, we're picking tomatoes faster than we can eat them. The freezers are stocked with sauce and ratatouille. It's a bounty we were careful not to hope for, given recent years' disappointments in the vegetable garden. We gave some toms and zukes away to our neighbors from out of town, along with the recipe for zucchini bread. I made Caprese salad to have with yesterday's lunch and I'll be grilling some zukes to accompany today's. To top it all off, there are beans to be picked.

It's a banner year for tomatoes.

Thunder rumbled in the distance as I woke up this morning. A little rain fell. I think the front has moved through leaving us with a relatively calm morning as the sun rises.


  1. There is never too many tomatoes; that’s what freezers are for.

  2. You were due a bountiful crop!

  3. Oh, I don't think I remember ever seeing a view of your yard, from the perspective you showed yesterday -- looks great. Enjoy those tomatoes!

  4. What a great gardening year you’re having! You deserve it.
    I’ve been traveling and finally got caught up on your posts. I haven’t balanced my checkbook in more than 30 years. :)

  5. mitch, other gardeners that we know are reporting good crops this year.

    chm, the freezers are almost full!

    evelyn, we're enjoying it!

    judy, :)

    bettyann, wow! I was diligent about it until I lost control this past March. Now I think I'm not going to do it anymore.

  6. And I forgot to comment on those striped zukes! We don't have any around here that I am aware of. Certainly not at the grocery store! I'll ask around at the local market of various producers next Saturday. They are beautiful.

  7. tomatoes faster than we can eat them - I am mad-jealous !


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