Monday, August 21, 2023

Don't get saucy with me

I'm thinking of making another batch of tomato sauce today. Last week, we dehydrated a bunch of toms and jarred them up for use over winter. The week before, I made a second batch of sauce for the freezer. This will be the third.

Last week's batch of sauce getting started on the stove.

The challenge is finding space in the freezer for it all. I think I might be able to squeeze another batch in by moving some things around and thawing and eating some other things that have been in there for a while. Wish me luck!


  1. Do I remember correctly that you have a separate deep freezer?

  2. Walt, I bottle ours.... much the same as Ken was bottling/canning your dehydrated ones... I also oven sterilise.
    Hot sauce into warm jars, jars with lids undone until just loose into oven... set oven for 110 Centipede and when the oven gets there, set timer for 30 mins.... at end of time, screw lids down tight, and leave in oven until cold if it isn't inconvenient... or hand warm if you need the oven.
    It saves so much freezer space.... and if there's a power cut, you aren't living on tomato soup variations for the forseeable!!

    1. I've come to understand that sterilizing the jars in a big steamer pot (un couscoussier par exemple) is as effective as sterilizing them in a pot of boiling water, and you don't have to boil all that water and steam the house up.

    2. That was me, Ken.

  3. Oh wow. That looks so good! And the pizza in the last post too!

  4. I second Le Pre do la Forge. Give canning a try. My mom did that when I was young and they're delicious!

  5. I have started making my awn tomato/marinara sauce and much prefer it to store bought now. I am no gardner, but I'd love to grow our own tomatoes in the backyard. Some day...


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