Friday, August 04, 2023

These vines

Shortly after we moved into our house here, the vines in this vineyard parcel were planted. To me, the parcel just looked like a field and, when the plowing started, I thought oh no they're building a house! Turns out that the growers were just re-planting a parcel that had been ripped up a year or so earlier. We've since watched this parcel of sauvignon blanc grow and mature into now nearly twenty-year old vines.

These vines are almost twenty years old.

For the past month or so, we've been experiencing what they call micro coupures de courant (micro power outages) almost once a day. The power cuts out for about a second then returns. Our computers and television go off, the modem/router (and therefore the internet connection) go off, and the fridge and freezers go off (but they come back on), which is not good for them. And certain lights and clocks are knocked out. Joy. Our main circuit breaker doesn't trip (well, it did once). 

We wondered if this was just happening to us, that maybe something had gone wrong with our wiring. Earlier in the week, Ken called the town hall to ask if they knew what was going on. The woman he spoke with said that it's not just us, but the whole town. The electric company is doing something too technical to explain and it should be over soon.

All was quiet for a few days after that, but it the power cut out again this morning when I started typing this entry. It's hard to believe that this is happening to the whole town and nobody's talking about it. The least the electric company (or the mayor's office) could do would be to notify us that this was going on and what to expect. But no. Not a word. And there's nothing about it on the town's web site. The mayor is currently (pun intended) out of town on vacation, but when she gets back I want to ask her about the situation and when we might expect it to stop.


  1. Those power cuts must be driving everyone crazy... and doing damage. I, too, can't believe there's been no official word or explanation. Hope they get it resolved soon... and apologize.

  2. Would a serge protector help you protect your electronics? Our cable company just shuts us down with no warnings, then when it comes back on they are so proud of themselves. It is pretty frustrating.

  3. Those breaks in power sound really annoying and troublesome. I hope this gets resolved soon. The vineyard photo is beautiful. It must be a satisfying feeling to have seen those vines grow and mature.

  4. I remember the same thing happening to us a few years ago when we lived in Anniston. It was annoying as you well know.

  5. Except for your refrigerator and freezer, I would recommend you, three, take a mini vacation too -- but you have not been notified when it will end, let alone to be prepared for the shutdowns... And then there's the garden... not really easy to be gone during the growing season.

  6. mitch, and it happened again this morning. So frustrating...

    anon, I suppose, but does that mean a surge protector for each appliance/computer?

    michael, what's more amazing is how quickly 20 years went by!

    evelyn, you can say that again!

    mary, I don't think we'd head out during August for the reasons you mention and also because of the summer crowds (and prices!). But we are thinking about late September/early October for short trip with Tasha.


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