Wednesday, August 16, 2023

Clafoutis aux prunes

One of our neighbors recently dropped off a bag full of little plums,* called mirabelles, from one of her trees. We had to scramble before they went bad. Ken cooked most of them to make jelly. He got six-plus Bonne Maman sized jars of jelly. One of them will go back to the neighbor who gave the plums to us, the rest go in the pantry. I used the remaining fruit to make a clafoutis, a common French fruit and custard dish more traditionally made with cherries. The little mirabelles are the perfect size (not much bigger than black cherries) for clafoutis.

Clafoutis aux prunes (mirabelles).

I got six more containers of tomato sauce into the freezer yesterday. That makes thirteen in total, if I'm not mistaken, a good amount to enjoy through fall and winter. The zucchinis are still piling up. We gave three to a neighbor yesterday. I'll grill one or two more to have with today's lunch.

* Plums are called prunes in French. What we (Americans) call "prunes" (dried plums) are known as pruneaux in France.


  1. That plum and custard dish looks exquisite. I'd be in heaven.

  2. I'll take plum over cherry for my clafouti every time.!

  3. Thanks for the reminder about french words for prunes/plums! When in France we love to choose the yogurt with the pruneaux flavor. I think prunes have gotten a bum rap, here,(negative connation, chm!) as "elderly food" ONLY! Ha! They are delicious and I choose them frequently when I am buying dried fruits for the week.

  4. I'll take some vanilla ice cream with my serving of clafoutis au prunes , s'il te plait! Miam, miam!

  5. mitch, maybe SG could make one for you!

    judy, and tasty, too!

    evelyn, I don't think I could choose.

    mary, vanilla ice cream sounds good!

  6. That was connotation I wanted to type!


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